Dear Students,
On account of the spreading of SARS-CoV-2, temporarily several procedures are changing at the University of Debrecen that regard university citizens. This also applies to DEMEK (University of Debrecen Mental Health Center).
In the current situation our free of charge mental health consultation for students is available, but in form of e-mail consultation. Anonymity – in the terms of the University’s privacy policy – still applies. We can give support in the following topics: family and relationship problems, conflictual situations, adaptation difficulties in new situations.
We await your applications on the following e-mail address: . Please write some details in short about your difficulties, so that we can provide adequate help. Following your e-mail, a trained professional will answer in less than 3 days. After that, if needed, further online counselling is available.
If you have severe and urgent problems (e.g. suicidal thoughts or urge, hallucinations), please call an ambulance (112), or visit the ER.
For further information visit:
Best regards,
Pintér – Eszenyei Zsuzsanna
clinical psychologist, coordinator

Updated: 2020.12.02.